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Using VBscript With .NET
Hey Gintaras (or any other user on this forum, usually Gintaras is quick with replying), is it possible to use QMscript in conjunction with .NET? On the homepage within the Programming features list, it says:

Quote:Windows API, COM, other dlls, C#, VB.NET, VBScript, C.

So, being said, would it be possible to create functions in QMscript that you could call within the .NET IDE? Or something similar to this? Thanks!
No, only vice versa. You can create C# or VB.NET scripts and call them from QM.
QM does not have a scripting component that could be embedded in other programs so that QM script functions could be called directly. Other programs can only execute QM macros in QM context using command line, or execute QM-created exe programs.
I understand. Reason I am asking this is because I want to use .NET in order to add a licensing system to my macro. I saw somewhere on the forum a way to protect the macro with a licensing system but I wanted to ask if I could do it with .NET first.

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