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Scheduled taks will not run if not logged in
Hi all,
I am in the evaluation period of this. I am running into one issue that I need to figure out before purchasing. I am on a Server 2003 machine. I have setup a macro to do a weekly import of a text file into an access database. I did this all by keystroke and when I run it it works great. I have setup a scheduled task and as long as I am logged in that also works great. However, when I am not logged in the quickmacros app starts but never runs the macro. I have made sure to uncheck the box on the scheduled tasks to only run when logged in. I also noticed that when trying to run while not logged in when I right click on the scheduled task in control panel the run option is grayed out and I have the option to end task.. like it is doing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have to make sure this works for be before purchasing.
Also I am running this as the local admin on the server, and have triple checked I am using correct password when prompted when you uncheck the box to run only when logged in.
Quick Macros does not run while logged off.
Thanks for the quick answer. That is a bit of a bummer. Will this be something that is included in future releases?
Yes, I'll try to find a solution. Now I cannot say when.
Will this work?

I was thinking if I left a user logged in on the server when I want the automation to run this would work. I tried this today and it looks like it started but then I got the following error when the macro tried to run. Is this same type of issue as if I was not logged in?

Error (RT) in Quiznos_Import: cannot activate window
No, it is unrelated. Try to check Options -> Run time -> Disable Windows "Lock foreground window" feature.

Windows does not allow inactive programs (like QM) to activate windows. Programs like QM have to do various hacking, and it is almost always successful.
I tried..

Try to check Options -> Run time -> Disable Windows "Lock foreground window" feature.

Still getting unable to activate window message in dialog box of QM's. This was after locking workstation, not logging out, and trying to run via scheduler. Again when logged in the macro works flawlessly.

Any other suggestions?

This tool looks perfect for several task I have to automate unattended if I can just get this to work. I am looking at automating tasks that run between 2-4 am weekly and leaving a user locked in without at least locking the server is not an option for me.
While logged off or locked, interactive actions are impossible. QM cannot activate windows, press keys, etc. QM only can execute most noninteractive commands, such as file copying.

To execute interactive commands, you have to temporarily log on or unlock. I know it is possible by programmatically typing the password, etc, but I don't know how. I will experiment and notify you about the results.
Thanks.. I cannot belive others do not have have the similar issues with trying to automate with macros.
In the past I have been able to run macros with the Task Scheduler with the PC locked (but still logged on). Now I can't get that to work.

Task Scheduler wakes the PC at the correct time and QM is running, but the macros do not run. My macros do not send keys or use windows. Per attached I have unchecked "Don't run in background". Anybody have any ideas?

Also, Gindi, when I click the link from Thu Jul 07, 2005 1:45 pm (Running scheduled macros while logged off or locked) I get the attached error, even though I am logged into the Forum.

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Sending keys etc to windows is not possible when PC locked. But you can check "If computer locked, unlock".

That link is dead, the post is deleted because not useful now.

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