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Firefox - Custom Buttons Extension
Custom Buttons :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software
"Gives a possibility to create custom toolbarbuttons.

To add new button you should:
* Go into menu View -> Add new Button....
* Fill in the fields Name and Code.
(You can leave the field Image empty. Then the button will have a standart image).
* The Initialization code executes once a time when the browser startups. You can leave it empty too.
* Go into menu View -> Toolbars -> Customize... , find new button and drag it to any toolbar.

The extension adds to Firefox a "custombutton" protocol, that allows to install buttons from web-pages. Some button examples can be found at

You can find a lot of buttons and example code in the
custom buttons forum

Discussion (in English):"

here is an example button to pass the current url to qm function ff2qm.

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function [$a1] [$a2]

mes a1
added a button for quickmacros links.

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//------menu items--------
apps=new Array;
apps.push(['QM & Forum Info','']);
apps.push(['Wish List','']);
apps.push(['Computer World','']);
apps.push(['Quickmacros Home','']);
apps.push(['Quickmacros Online Help','']);

//------/menu items-------
Here is The Custom Buttons Forum for those who like the extension and would like more buttons. I am the site admin there. Yan, the creator of the extension, is also a site admin and will be joining us there very soon (he has been on leave for quite some time).
thanks for posting.
i forgot to add your forum in my initial posting.
You're welcome! And I edited my profile to remove the link to the forum from the location line, so that I am not breaking your table anymore. Smile

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