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Scripting Firefox
i already ask this in the mozilla extension development forum,
but maybe you have also an idea.

i want to check on mouse X2 if there is something to navigate forward
if not then my script has to check if there a next button on the page exists
(or in a forum 1 2 3 etc)

do you know if it is possible to send javascript from qm to ff and retreive results ?
i know about how to write the javascript functions for firefox ...

Don't know.
I have a similar plan. I use the #<1,2,3 (mouse left then right) and #>1,2,3 (vice versa) to navigate firefox. I find myself sometimes sweeping my mouse but not backing up, only to find out the link had opened a new tab. It'd be nice if there was nothing to back up to, then go back to the previous tab. Did you figure out how to determine if back/forward navi is possible? Thanks.
Matt B
Maybe this can be used.

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Acc a=acc("Back" "PUSHBUTTON" win("" "MozillaUIWindowClass") "MozillaUIWindowClass" "" 0x1001)
,out "disabled"
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this was new to me.
thanks !
Oh, good grief! That's it!
Matt B

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