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findrx help
sorry to ask a regex question again, but :oops:

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<span class=ueberschrift1>Thank you. File uploaded</span><br>
        To download or share the file with others use this link: <a href='?pg=file&c1=2317193590&c2=MPnXtb8n'><font size=2></font></a></b><br>
        To delete the file visit this link:<br><br><input name='url' type='text' size='80' value='' readonly='true'>

what would be the patterns to get: ... 2=MPnXtb8n
and ... ile=ScvA5h

i am sorry, but for me its really not easy to understand,
the help is to cryptic (maybe its because i am in a rush)

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if(findrx(s "(?=<font size=2>).+(?=</font>)" 0 1 link)<0) ret

is returning:
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<font size=2>

i can remove '< font size = 2 >' with findreplace, but how to do it in the first place with findrx ?
Enclose the part you need, and specify subpatern (enclosed part) number. Also, use ? after ., or it will mach as much as possible.

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if(findrx(s "<font size=2>(.+?)<" 0 1 link 1)>=0) out link
i think i understand !

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