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Receiving Info from Macro Users
If i send my macro To Someone, is there Any way i am able to record Key strokes, and have them sent to me via E-Mail or somethign else ... Please let me Know

Sincerely, Tipsy
spy passwords?
No. In a way, Remote Access but not really.
So its like i know who has downloaded my macro, and in a way have control of what they run. You know what i mean? i can go into detail if needed ...

Thank You, Tipsy
Let they record to a macro and send the macro to you. But if you want to debug your macro, maybe better to use Remote Assistance or Remote Desktop or similar.
I Was thinking that. But for the person i wanna do this with, he has Remote Desktop/Assitance disabled by the administrator of his computer. So i was wondering if i could do it Via Quick Macros. I guess it could be used for spy password or w/e but by no means will it be.

Sincerely, Tipsy
I cannot offer something better than recording to a macro because then someone could use it as spyware.
Thats very Understandable. So there is no way i can do this? ...
Not with QM.
Ok Thank You

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