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Spamming one specific key
I was wondering if anyone could help me make this macro and get it turned into a simple .exe. All I want is to be able to hold down the 0 on the Numpad(N0), and have it simply spam 0 until I let it go, or if that is impossible, when I hit 0 have it spam the Numpad0(N0) 3 or 4 times. Please help someone I've gotten this so far but I don't think its right...

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Can anyone please help me with this, I know it cant be that difficult to get Numpad0 to spam its self or make an exe for Numpad0 to spam something like F8 or Q or something about 3 or 4 times or to continue to spam until releasing the key.
Bump I know this isn't hard at all to make could anyone just help me?
Use different key for trigger. If macro repeatedly presses N0, the trigger can be eg N1.

Trigger: N1
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,key N0
,ifk-(N1) break
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    spe 1
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,key q
Lets say thats my code(is it correct), I want to hold down Numpad 0 and have it spam Q repeatedly as fast as possible until I let it go. If my code is correct how do I compile it to a .exe
My example uses keyboard trigger. In exe, triggers cannot be used, so it will not work.

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