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Index No. of Selected Item - SysListView32
I have been using GetListViewItemText to get the item text, even using different columns.

I can't seem to figure out how to get the index number of the selected item :lol:

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Acc a=acc("" "LIST" win("" "ExploreWClass") "SysListView32" "" 0x1000)
out a.Name
out a.elem
How would you select the item using the index number with ACC or another type of function?

Is below correct?

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Acc a=acc(a.elem "LIST" win("" "ExploreWClass") "SysListView32" "" 0x1000)
Try this:

Acc a=acc("" "LIST" ...)
I am getting an unknown identifier: a.elem=index+1
I am getting an error message Gintaras, did I do something wrong?
Every line in my code must not be understood literally. For example, index may be a variable (int) containing item index.

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