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First Experience: dialog problem
I'm sorry, but I need your help.

The situation is:

I have a macro, it's allready workink. Macro is workink 24/7.
Now, I want to make some window (dialog) with info about state of this macro:
1. results of some variables
2. time, macro is running

My problems:
I created Smart Dialog an placed all components on it. I don't understand, how to call it in "background" (so, that the macros can continue to work) and take info from main macros. :oops:
are the variables "global" variables?
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Please show your macro. Here is how to do it: Forum rules and tips
My macro is rather simple... for example in such submacro as
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for i 1 99999
;here I want to send information about [b]i[/b]

ken gray
Good Idea, it's Workink, Thanks Smile

But can you tell me how to do it in other way (for other situations).
to have another macro or function read the variable info, you have to use global variable designation.

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str a
str+ b

b can be read with any macro/function that has "str+ b" in it; a cannot be read by any in any way.
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