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Closing only one thread
I have two fuctions. The first one wait for special triggers and then calls the second one. The second one does its job and ends. But I can't end just the second one. When I end it the first is ended, too.

I have tried end, ret, shutdown -7 and everytime also the first function is closed.
Show the codes.
I found that I don't need this anymore, but it's still annoying..

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str msg
,IntGetFile "" msg
,,if(find(msg "lock")=0)
,,,mac lock
,,,IntGetFile "" bin
,wait 5
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BlockInput2 3 ;;Locks the computer.
str controls = "3"
str e3
str pass = "1A1DC91C907325C69271DDF0C944BC72" ;;Put here the md5(hex) encoded password! (Default: pass)
str input
,ShowDialog("lock_open" 0 &controls)
,input.encrypt(10 e3);
,,BlockInput2 0 ;;Unlocks the computer.
,/out input ;;shows the encoded input
,OnScreenDisplay "Wrong password!" 2 0 0 0 30 255 2 ;;Tells that the input is wrong.
Use mac "lock".

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