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Registering typelib runtime
I cannot register .ocx/.dll files due to user limitations. So I have to use the files directly.

My question is ... if I include the ocx as a resource and extract it to temp folder and then try a 'typelib' gives compile error. Any way around ?

Error in Dlg_AM_Main: cannot load type library.
Cannot make exe. Error 4, failed to compile.

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_s.format("%s\system\mvsgif.ocx" AM_Workdir)
typelib ANIMATEDGIFLib _s
Type libraries are not used in exe. They are used only when creating exe.

Variables cannot be used in declarations.

Exe only have to register the ocx. For example use function RegisterComComponent. When registering, it must run as admin, or elevate to admin using flag 4.

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