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can SetProcessWorkingSetSize used to reduce memory usage of
an (compiled) exe ?

bruce (powerpro developer) wrote this in the ppro mailing list:

Quote:It does as window winmemory -1 -1 on itself after each command.
(Windows API SetProcessWorkingSetSize). You might think this might
cause thrashing for scripts, but is does not seem to. I suspect
windows virtual memory manager takes above as hint only. It's also not
clear to me what memory size in task manager, eg, really represents
once the above is done.
Yes. I noticed that on Windows XP a process automatically minimizes its working set when minimizing main window. QM also uses it when hiding. It reduces RAM usage by writing data to disk, until the process needs more RAM again. Generally OS itself manages this. I also don't know what memory is displayed in Task Manager.

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