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Close folder based on file opening
I want to create a toolbar that will open up a folder view with Windows Explorer.

The hard part is, the window will close when I open any file within it.

So that I don't end up with a dozen Windows Explorer windows, I'd like these particular ones that are launched from this toolbar to close when a file within them is opened.

Can this be done?

I got as far the toolbar and command:
run "F:\!Files"

thanks for any help
I don't know a way how to know when a file is opened from that folder view.

If you have QM 2.2.0, you can use a menu instead of opening the folder in Windows Explorer.

Menu example:
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F:\Files "F:\Files"

Toolbar button:
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F:\Files :mac "menu name"

The menu will show folder contents and you can run files from it.
This just seems to create a shortcut to the File folder in a menu item. It doesn't show contents with a click or a hover. The click just opens Windows Explorer to that folder.

I have:

Files "F:\Files"

Menu :mac "Menu2"
Check 'Expand file folders' in Properties -> Menu properties. If it is unavailable, download latest Quick Macros version.

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