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Toolbar only visible on linkfavorites
i want to show a toolbar with drives only when CommonPlacesWrapperWndClass
is visible in windows-explorer (vista),
but can't find the right trigger.

do you have an idea ?
Where is that CommonPlaces...? Here favorite links are in ToolbarWindow32.
[Image: CommonPlacesWrapperWndClass.png]
It's probably from some shell extension. Normally it is ToolbarWindow32 child window, and always visible. I don't know what is the behavior of the CommonPlacesWrapper. Is it child window of windows explorer, or like QM toolbars? How do you hide it? Do you mean it's hidden when you drag the splitter to the top?
if found the classname with using Acc.
when you open the control panel the common places are not available,
so there would be no need to show my toolbar
It is toolbr's parent. It is copmpletely covered and not visible in QM status bar.

Use a launcher function. I found that CommonPlacesWrapperWndClass control is in Control Panel view too. The difference is that in Control Panel its width is 0.

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int hw=TriggerWindow
;int hc=child("" "CommonPlacesWrapperWndClass" hw 0x400)
int hc=child("" "CommonPlacesWrapperWndClass" hw)
;out hc
if(!hc) ret
;out IsWindowVisible(hc)
int cx cy
GetWinXY hc 0 0 cx cy
;out "%i %i" cx cy
if(!cx) ret

mac "Toolbar25" hw
do you have an idea why documents does not return target ?
i trigger the macro with middle click on an item in CommonPlacesWrapperWndClass.

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Acc m=acc(mouse)
str name=m.Name
str lnk.format("%s\%s.lnk" _s.expandpath("$40$\links") name)
out name

if(GetShortcutInfoEx(lnk &si))
Works for me.


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