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Manipulating FolderBrowse dialog
I have a macro that prompts for a folder and navigates there in the current file dialog (not a dialog I created, but a file dialog in any app). I'd also like to support folder browse dialogs. Is it possible to navigate the tree control of such a dialog using QM?
What manipulation needed? Select a folder, somewhere deep in the tree, when specified full path?
There is a hidden edit control...

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int w1=win("Browse For Folder" "#32770")
act w1
int edit=child("" "Edit" w1)
str s="c:\windows"
but 1 w1
Perfect, thank you.
Is it possible to navigate the tree to a specified folder and not dismiss the dialog?
Don't know an easy way. Could try to parse path string and select (expand) folders using accessible object functions, but I think it will not be reliable. Or, show other Browse For Folder dialog (use BrowseForFolder function) on top.

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