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Not Maximing
All of a sudden, I have to right click QM from task bar and select On Top in order for me to edit or do any anything.

I don't remember changing any of my settings. How do I fix this?

Thank you
How it works in safe mode?

To run QM in safe mode, press F8, run QM, wait for a message box, release F8, click Yes. Before all it, make sure that QM is not running.
This easily can happen when experimenting with macro commands. For example, run this macro directly from QM:

mov 10000 10000

, and QM window disappears.

Simply exit QM using the tray menu or menu File -> Exit Program. Then run again, and QM window will be on the screen again, probably in some corner.
Yes I have tried exiting QM and didn't fix it.

I uninstalled last week and it fixed the problem. Now it's back again.

I will try running on Safe Mode and let you know.

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