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Wait Problem...
I am using ACC and I wanted it do click "X" once the pop up shows, If it doesn't show the macro won't run so I wanted it to wait until it was visible but I'm not sure on where to put it or how I would go about doing that, I tried using the help file, but I got nothing, and this was my last resort, so if you can help me that would be great, here's the code...

Where would I put the wait or how would I go about adding a wait until window\object visible.

Use window trigger. Or, if must wait in the macro, insert 'wait for window' command before the code.
When I tried this it came up with
"Error in Macro: missing ( after function name, or ; after statement."
so I added the ( ; and it still didn't work. :oops:

and I want it to wait until Window object is visible, like once a pop up comes with a button, it will then run, I also tried 0 WV and that didn't work. Sorry I'm not the greatest at this and some things are harder than others Sad
Thanks for all your help,
TwizzY Smile
All wait commands can be inserted using dialogs that are in the floating toolbar. To insert command that waits for an object in a window, use the Find Accessible Object dialog, and specify a wait time in it. If the window still does not exist, before insert command that waits for the window.
Alright, thanks Gin, and sorry about the hastle :o

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