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Show what window/app has focus in realtime
How could this be done?
Every time I boot up the focus of the window I am trying to use flutters in and out of focus.

is there some way to have a window or something that show the current focus's app name?

or does qm have a feature in the gui I missed?

thank you
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men 33224 _hwndqm ;;Window Events ...
int w1=wait(30 WV "Log window events")
but 1 w1

Let this macro run at startup. For example assign "Windows started" trigger. It clicks menu Tools -> Output -> Log -> Window events. Then window events are displayed in QM output.
thanks Gintara!

If I am right it triggers the windows event logger and dumps to the QM message display.
How do you turn it off though?

Click the same menu item again.

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