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Is there some trick working with the SAP GUI?
I thought perhaps there is someone out there that can elighten me on getting qm and SAP to work a little better.

SAP is strange.
Don't have it. It seems that cannot download too. What does not work?
The SAP gui is not written in the microsoft way. Why? I don't really know ... when you hover over buttons ... field entries .... QM doesn't really tell me anything, just a window mouse position. Which I can work with, but not very well. I know SAP is a strange system itself.

Scrolling down an array in SAP its very painful. If say for instance you enter a full grid of values ... say about 17 lines of purchased items .... when to try to scroll down .. it tries to validate all the entries before scrolling down another line. You get another pop up screen with data ... that you can bypass but you have to know the pop up will occur.

Strange stuff....

Just thought I'd ask and see if anyone else had played with this before.
Some windows don't use Windows controls. For example, windows of java programs. Then, to click a control without knowing its position, can be used scan, which can be inserted using the 'Find image' dialog.

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