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How to outp a special character ?
how can i output the letter ş ?
the letter is available in wordpad, but not in notepad or qm.
i found this:
Kurdish Computing Information (Penn State)

Windows Alt Key Codes
You cannot use UNICODE characters in QM editor. But you can use key with programs that support it.

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act "WordPad"
key (350) ;;uses Alt+0350
key (350|0x40000) ;;faster, does not use Alt

outp cannot paste UNICODE text. But str.setsel can. Found this function:

Function PasteUnicode
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function c1 [c2] [c3] [c4] [c5] [c6] [c7] [c8] [c9] [c10]

;Pastes one to ten UNICODE characters.

;PasteUnicode 0x203D

int i n=getopt(nargs)
str s.all(n*sizeof(word) 2)
int* a=&c1
word* w=+s

for(i 0 n) w[i]=a[i]

WOW. thank you !

that might sound stupid, but what is the difference between
sending a key and output a letter ?

outp is more secure, because a keylogger can't record it ?

what is faster ?
outp and setsel use clipboard. A keylogger can detect Ctrl+V and get clipboard text...

key presses Alt+numpad keys or VK_PACKET. Keyloggers can detect both.

for single character key should be faster, but for many characters outp/setsel is faster.

You also can send characters using WM_UNICHAR messages, like you can do it with WM_CHAR. Keyloggers can detect it too.
thanks for the explanation.

Gintaras Wrote:You cannot use UNICODE characters in QM editor.
i don't know if it is needed by anyone,
but can you add this in a future version ?
Probably, but cannot say when.

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