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on error ?
can some 1 help me ?
how do i set the error to close windows and restart macro ?
wait 0 C ??? ??? ???
err make a code block in much the same way that 'if' statement do.
i'm not sure how to close all windows in a quick simple way but here's how to get the error block setup.

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do something here
,do more things here
,and then some more
,still more things

heres how to get a list of all the visible windows. you can apply the 'clo' command to each however you wish but don't do it to 'Program Manager'; i think that shutsdown windows.

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ARRAY(int) a; int i; str sc sn
win("" "" "" 0 0 0 a)
for(i 0 a.len)
,out "%i '%s' '%s'" a[i] sc sn
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