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Save Jabber Moment IM messages
Hi all,

I'm trying to save Jabber Moment IM messages. Has anybody tried this?

When I use Drag to "Find Window or Control" to find the message, it does not work. It finds the Jabber text entry window, not the message window.

If I can find the message window, I would like to save its text.

RichEditSave seems to crash Jabber. Gindi, is RichEditSave designed to save this type of window text? Thanks.
not sure..u tried getwintext or getprop. im not sure what jabber is so i cant really reccomend anything
if it is like yahoo messenger
use getvalue using accesible object actions on the floating toolbar.
Good luck!
RichEditSave works only in QM process. For example if you have a rich edit control in a dialog and want to load/save its text as rtf. Also it would save rtf, not normal text.

Accessible object functions could work.
I could not get acc object to work. It would "find" the window when I pressed test, but I could not get the text into a str variable using Get Value.

Somehow this works, don't ask me how :wink:

str x.getwintext(child(1771580 "" "TExRichEdit" win("jimg-us" "TfrmChat.UnicodeClass") 0x5))
out x

Thanks anyway. JG

getwintext and the code below both work, but I'm noticing they both also cut off the last few characters of the text. Any idea why?

Acc a=acc(100 100)
str name=a.Name
out name
no ideas

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