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it would be cool to use qm for making .net executables.
Some .NET classes can be used as COM objects. Example:
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IDispatch s._create("System.Collections.Stack")
out s.Pop

But most classes can't. For example this code fails:
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IDispatch d._create("System.IO.Directory")

List of classes that can be used:
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int n i
BSTR b.alloc(1000)

for i 0 1000000000
,if(RegEnumKeyExW(HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT i b &n 0 0 0 0)) break
,str s.ansi(b)
,if(s.begi("System.")) out s

Also can be used mscorlib type library but for most classes it contains only CLSIDs, and you can create only some classes.
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typelib mscorlib {BED7F4EA-1A96-11D2-8F08-00A0C9A6186D} 2.0

IDispatch s._create(uuidof(mscorlib.Stack))
out s.Pop
I'm still new to this - but I'm having trouble connecting to an app via their published API because I can't register a certain DLL. From what I see here - this either because it's a .NET object and not a COM object or (a colleague suggested) there may be some dependencies that aren't handled.

I need to use the TcpChannel class from System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Tcp (in System.Runtime.Remoting.dll)

I've run the macro here that displays the contents of the registry and there isn't anything for TcpChannel.

I've tried to manually register the DLL in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727. This fails.

My conclusion is that I'll have to create my own COM wrapper to call from QuickMacros and link TcpChannel from there. Is that correct? Thanks.
I also did not find a way to use this .NET class in QM directly.

See also CS Sript:
I see that CS-Script does the following:
Quote:The main idea of CS-Script is to allow "plain vanilla" C# code execution from both command-prompt and form any CLR application hosting the script engine.

Simple deployment approach: just bring both script and engine file (about 100 K size) on the system that has .NET runtime installed and script can be run

All .NET functionality is available (FCL, COM Interop, Remoting, WPF, WCF etc.).

Portability: Scripts can be run on any system, which has CLR installed (including Mono).

So are you suggesting a possible solution is for .NET functions to co-distribute CS-Script with QM-generated exe's and call when necessary from QM-exe for those .NET functions?

That would work for me....gotta learn a little C# now! Big Grin
Any future option to include VB(.NET) code execution since C# (.NET) code is already included in beta version now.

The vb code is much easier for me to understand and learn compare to C#.
Ok, will add it in some QM 2.3.5.x version.

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