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React to user mouse click
I want to create a button for my desktop search screen that pastes a string into a search box.

But the search box is not always in the same place.

I know how to create buttons. I need to know how to react to the user mouse click so:

1. User clicks button
2. User clicks desired text box on search screen and a text string stored in the macro is pasted

I have the button created.

Now macro needs to:
Wait for user left click
Paste "text string" at the exact location the the left click was made.

Can you advise?
Please post here the code you already have.
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;wait/loop until mouse is left clicked
;let the left click take effect (text box is now clicked in)

key "H:\!Files"
If initially left button is not pressed, then simply
wait 60 ML; err ret
Thanks! Works like a charm!

What is ML?
"wait for mouse left button up". Look in QM help.

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