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GetUserComputer question
I wasn't sure how i could make this code create another function and put the function in every macro to make sure name wasn't changed. Maybe i should use rset and rget. I'm not sure what way would be best I have looked into the shareware but i really don't want to generate a code for everyone.
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str user computer
GetUserComputer user computer
out "%s\%s" computer user ;instead of out make it put the names in a function so my macros  could check it later before running
str user computer
GetUserComputer user computer
if(user~"userX"=0) ret ;;exit if user is not userX

and put this in every macro
Thank you very much. I have went back to the shareware macro you made and it really isn't what i need cause it can be unlocked and then passed to other computers. So I need to figure out how to run a function that gets the user and PC name and then puts it into each macro so it can not be installed on another PC. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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