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Close Firefox windows
It was easy to make a macro that closes all Firefox windows:

rep 10
clo ("Mozilla Firefox")

It never fails to work and it closes them all instantly. But it's not so easy to make a macro that closes all Firefox windows EXCEPT the current Firefox window. Sometimes I want to do this to eliminate confusion and clear out the clutter in the taskbar, but this requires a little more knowledge about window states than I have. Can't look at Microsoft documentation because it's written for Martians.

If anyone has an idea, thanks.
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str p.getwintext(win("Windows Internet Explorer"))in.fix(18)w(18);err
hid p
rep 3
,clo "Windows Internet Explorer";err
hid- p

This will close all but one window.... insert # of reps for number of windows you need to close.
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ARRAY(int) a; int i
win "Mozilla Firefox" "" "" 0 0 0 a ;;get handles of all ff windows
for i 1 a.len
,;out _s.getwintext(a[i])
,clo a[i]

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