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Computer Locked
Turns off monitor, disables desktop and taskbar; you must supply a password to enable the desktop and taskbar.

.qml   Lock Computer.qml (Size: 572 bytes / Downloads: 254)

Edit: Fixed.
Taking on Quick Macros one day at a time
forgot to add
Function ReEnableWindow
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function hwnd
EnableWindow hwnd 1

also maybe need to minimize all windows
Just to save a little typing and code space try,


min;min;min;min;min;;min;min;min;min;min;; This might not have enough min's to get the job done

with this

'Wm;; This minimizes all the windows and there is no maximum amount.
Yeah, that's what I was trying to find out how to do, but I couldn't get it.
Taking on Quick Macros one day at a time
Yup, No problem.

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