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MSHFlexGridWndClass control

I would like to access the MSHFlexGridWndClass control, used in an third party application, but I'm not able to get the address of the object. I get the following error all the time: "this is not ActiveX control"

Here is my code:

typelib mshflxgd "c:\WINDOWS\system32\mshflxgd.ocx" 2
mshflxgd.MSHFlexGrid o
o._getcontrol(id(0 hwnd))

The value 0 is displayed in QM status bar when I move the mouse over the control.
hwnd is the handler of the window where this control is created in.

Could anybody help me to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

ActiveX controls cannot be accessed from other applications.
But in this other application I have a control of "ThunderRT6TextBox" class and I can access it with an Acc variable of QM. Is ThunderRT6TextBox not an ActiveX control?
Can access with acc but not with _getcontrol.

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