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Exception when Exe is run
I have created a macro that runs fine from Quick Macros.
When I run the macro exe I get a window with a red circle with a X and the word "exception."
The window just has an OK button.
I am not getting any output to Quick Macros or the log file.
I have added an Excel spreadsheet to the exe with reshack.
The Excel spreadsheet extracts without problem in Quick Macros.
What could be causing this type of error?
I have found that if I create the exe without any resource listed it runs until it tries to extract the resource.
Like this?
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;flags  0
I am using the ExeResourceToFile and ExeLoadDataResource examples given in the forums.
Exceptions usually are result of bugs in macro code or in QM. But I don't know the exact reason if I don't see the macro code.

Newer QM versions have function ExeExtractFile for extracting exe resources. Try it instead of ExeResourceToFile.

Also now you can add files with #exe. Read in QM help.
The exe works with ExeExtractFile.

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