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Making macro memory resident
I want my macro to become memory resident so that when it is running in executable it is loaded on startup into the memory and when the keyboard trigger is pressed it is executed as when I try to run macro in executable mode it reloads the executable every time the shortcut key is pressed, which is hindering the performance in exe mode. Otherwise the macro run........ great in QM Envoirment.
You probably use shortcuts to create the hotkeys. Instead you can make your own triggers. The exe would run all the time, like QM, and launch threads (using mac) when a key is pressed, like QM launches macros.

To make triggers you can use low level keyboard hooks. Hooks are documented in the MSDN Library. Here in the forum also should be one or two examples.

Or make your triggers using RegisterHotKey function, documented in the MSDN Library. It is easier. It would work like Windows shortcuts but is fast.

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