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hello everyone,
i have installed vmware on my pc. it is an hp dual core 250gb hd with 1 gig or ram. i have used qm sets from 2.1.8 - the new beta version registered and i can not get qm to work. i did a speed test and was running a bit lower the my hosting pc. after much frustration i used my 2 second pc which is a new version pc then the one i origianlly used. it has dble of what i have and still not working. i have everything else that i need and it runs great. the few files i use from qm are for websites. i use it on my laptop which is running the same operating systems as the other two have and qm works wonderfull on that machine. using vmware is much cheaper then purchasing the extra pcs i need to use for my business. so i am frustrated that it works wonderfull on my laptop but not my desktops. if anyone has any suggestions could you please leave any feedback. i fergot to mention that both of the desktops use qm as well and they run great also.

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