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Screen Snapshot
I have modified Gintaras 'magnifier' - and improved a little.
Also would like to make some memory functions and save to file.
I'm working on a new member function '__MemBmp.Copy' to make a copy of BMP object, but not shure how to do,- maybe Gintaras will help.
Updates will follow...


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.qml   Snapshot.qml (Size: 1.67 KB / Downloads: 372)
CopyImage copies bitmap.
Here is a new version of my 'Screen Snapshot' project with great improvements.
Zoom in/out by pressing LBUTTON and drag up/down.
Shooting can be disabled by click on text in the statusbar.
Also window can be resized, and image will be centered automatically.

Memory function will have to wait a little, i have to take a look at 'CopyImage'.


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.qml   SnapShot_2.qml (Size: 3.69 KB / Downloads: 351)
Hello Gintaras
This was very easy!
I'm not quite sure, that it's done by the book, but it works!

But the text 'Delete' that is found in '__MemBmp.Create', what is it good for?


function __MemBmp't_mb


bm=CopyImage( IMAGE_BITMAP 0 0 0)
oldbm=SelectObject(dc bm)
It is __MemBmp member function. If the object is already initialized, deletes old bitmap and dc.
Memory functions are almost ready, but i had one problem with the __MemBmp.Copy member function
Original bitmap was deleted after copying,- solution is to only pass adress of __MemBmp...

function __MemBmp*t_mb


bm=CopyImage( IMAGE_BITMAP 0 0 0)
oldbm=SelectObject(dc bm)
Quote:Original bitmap was deleted after copying

Because __MemBmp does not have operator=. Then QM copies each member variable. It does not know that it is bitmap handle or dc, and copies it like a simple int variable.

Most classes in System folder don't have operator=. Objects of some of these classes must never be assigned by value. & or * is OK.
Ok,- i think i understand.. hmm..
But here is again a new version with 3 memory banks.
Copy to memory by pressing LBUTTON for about 0,5sec.
Also zoom level and offset is individual, but set to 0 when copying.

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.qml   SnapShot_3.qml (Size: 5.31 KB / Downloads: 357)
Copy() is similar to Attach(). Can make shorter.

Member function __MemBmp.Copy
Copy      Help
function __MemBmp*t_mb

Attach(CopyImage( IMAGE_BITMAP 0 0 0))
Error when you press left mouse button on the dialog before you press shift.
Error (RT) in "dlg_snapshot /1941"odlg_snapshot: exception


When dialog is minimized and then restore, sometimes, you must move or resize dialog to show memory.

Very nice job!
Bugs are fixed and attached file updated.
Exception was caused by a division by zero..
Thanks for testing my project !

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