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OnScreen Buttons
Create a button from macro, to run another macro or function.
If name of color begins with a "*" button will get keyboard focus - then space key will press button and 'ESC' will close.
Right click on button to close.

Function 'WM_init' must be run first..

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.qml   OnScreenButtons.qml (Size: 8.19 KB / Downloads: 364)
I don't have CFont definition.
You can replace CFont to __Font.
Sorry, i'm still (also) using qm
Attached file is updated.
On WM_SETCURSOR, window procedure should not wait.
You can PostMessage hWnd WM_APP ..., and on WM_APP call Popupkey.
Thanks, Gintaras.
I think i also can use WM_CONTEXTMENU - it seems to work..
But this was not the only problem, i tried to make the popupkey close if another window was activated.
And here the solution was to Post a WM_APP on WM_ACTIVATE.
So now it all works as it should - great !

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