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Execute a macro with activ windows 2000 lock screen
I want to schedule a QM macro in Windows 2000. My macros fails because a wait instruction does not find the window due to an active windows lock screen. So how can I either deactive the lock screen out of a QM macro or which guidelines do I have to fullfill so QM macro runs even so the lock screen is active.
try giving a mouse move command to see if that deactivates the ss.

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if it is password protected, then you might be able to have it login as well but I'm not sure how that works...
Sorry, I was not precise enough. It is the Windows log screen, so requesting to input password, MOU does not help here.
you might be able to do a CAS-w to get the window name and then program it to put in the info automatially if that window is active....
No, does not work, because QM menue is hidden due to log screen and therefore I can not get an ID. But thanks once more for your idea.
When computer is locked, many QM commands don't work. Mouse, key commands don't work. You even cannot get "Unlock Computer" window handle, and therefore you cannot use but or other commands to enter password and press OK.
In windows 2000, a "windows always on top"-typed MessageBox ( with title " win_alert") appears and asks me to press "OK" button by mouse-click ( Enter or Alt-F4 keypress), then the MessageBox is closed.
Then I code with QM like --
opt hungwindow 3
wait 5 WC "win_alert" ;; ifa "win_alert"
'AF4(2) ;;close a popup dialog
QM cannot send keypress "AF4" to the "active and locking" dialogbox "win_alert".
It seems to be a active window locking QM automation.
QM automation is interrupted sadly. Help please!
Run QM as admin or uiAccess. Look in Options -> General.
Or run the macro as admin or uiAccess. Look in Properties -> Macro properties.

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