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Create Shortcut to Quickly Send Mail to a Recipient
a good written article.
Create Shortcuts or Hotkeys to Quickly Send Mail to a Recipient
If you wanted to do this with could write QM program set up with SMTP settings of an account that receives the name of an attachment and sends email.

You'd put that executable in windows sendto folder. Then you could right click on the file and select a recipient from the send to... options.

Could write a dialog that prompts for subject and body text.

I stumbled into your article. Kindly share your QM macro so I can absorb quicker. Thank you for sharing.
My emails are either using or or does it matter?



I never actually wrote the macro, it was a hypothetical response to the article. (in QM:
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run "$sendto$\"
Email account settings (Three pages lots of examples)
Don't forget that _command will be the variable passed to the function from windows.

Jimmy Vig

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