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Route audio from browser to output on soundcard.
I am a big pandora internet radio user. I want to wire up different listening zones in my house using wall panels to control pandora on a PC remotely. I figure it'd be cool if I could have multiple pandora internet radio stations running in different rooms independent from each other. My though would be to have multiple soundcards in the computer for the different zones. The problem is that I can't see anyway right off that would allow me to route the audio from different internet browsers to specific outputs on the sound cards. I sure would appreciate any help that people have to offer from the QM world Smile

I checked all the plug-ins for Firefox and came up empty handed. Maybe I am the first person in the whole world to try this ? ?

Jimmy Vig
Website that may help...don't know if I understand it, but it'd be rad if someone could help me out Smile ... de_04.html
Is there anyway to do this easier with QM Web Browser in sorts?

Really I admit I have no idea where to start.

Pandora does play in QM Web Browser...that's good. Now just to figure out how to route the audio from there.

I see that in Vista there a way to generate a mix for each audio device. The problem is that it only shows one listing for a browser even if multiple instances are open. Ideally I would like to develop something for XP. Geeze...I can't figure this out!

In vista I could use explorer, firefox, and QM Web browser to get three different zones on by using the mixer to mute different applications on the devices.

Really not the route that I would want to go.
Also try to use several virtual PC.
That's a great idea. I just am not that familiar with virtual pc's. Could you post a how-to?

Download Microsoft Virtual PC. Create several PC. But you will need several Windows licenses, unless you will install older Windows versions that don't require activation.
vig i have 3 virtual pcs thruout my business pcs. 1 machine actually has 2 on it.they are fantastic!! if you have your original cd like i did , i used that on all mine. microsofts website has a link for vpc.. the setup is easier as it goes. i have read your posts in the past and from what your understandings are to me, i believe you should walk thru it with ease. going back to the discs or iso's ,the machine i have 2 on is from the same iso.

here is a reference link. read thru it and see if it answers what you want to do or some questions you will have.

here is another link including the website for the download.
hope this helps,
Can QM run on a pc that has XP to control a virtual PC that is running Linux? That way I could avoid using multiple licenses?
i have to say i am not sure about linux. i do know of people who have vista and use xp. i personally have 3 machines on my hosting pc and use the same serial # for each one. i like vpc better then vmware, a bit back i posted about problems with qm and vmware. for some reason it wouldnt work. i rid my pc of it and installed vpc and i love them. very user friendly for me to use. leave me a pm if you would like and if you have yahoo instant messenger we can chat more. i am on eastern standard time. hope this littlle bit of info helps you.
TheVig Wrote:Can QM run on a pc that has XP to control a virtual PC that is running Linux? That way I could avoid using multiple licenses?

QM running on host PC cannot control what is inside guest PC, regardless of OS.

This solution will probably work, because you can configure each virtual PC to use different default sound card, I guess on Linux too. But it is too heavy. For example, each PC needs much memory. You should find a better solution.

Web Browser for WinAmp. I'm going to try it out and see what it does Smile

Jimmy Vig

As luck would have it...this doesn't seem to be working.

On to the next idea.

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