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Caps Lock alarm
I have written this macro, that starts whenever I press the CapsLock key:

int wasoff=CapsLock(0)
CapsLock 0
shutdown -2
else CapsLock 1
mac "Beep"

And here is the function "Beep", that is called by the aforesaid macro:

bee "C:\Windows\Media\Windows Ding.wav"
wait 1
bee "C:\Windows\Media\Windows Ding.wav"
wait 1
goto start

So, whenever CapsLock is on, a repeating sound alerts me, similar to the sound that is activated in cars by the turn signal.
But I see that my macro is really coarse. Is there a simpler way to obtain the same result?
How's this?

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ifk(K 1)
    out "caps is on"
    bee "C:\Windows\Media\Windows Ding.wav"; 1
    goto start

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