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Multiple Firefox Instances
Quote:It can often be useful to have multiple Firefox browsers open at the same time. Particularly for testing web sites or any sort of web development. Or even just so you can be logged into two sites at the same time with different accounts.

Firefox provides such a feature with the -no-remote switch

Multiple Firefox Instances
One day I got curious and wanted to see if Firefox had any command line I googled it and came up with this:
FireFox Command Line Arguments

in QM use:
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run "firefox.exe" "-no-remote -P 'JimmyVig'"

On the first run it will bring up the new profile the profile the same as the "-P 'UserProfile'"
On other runs it it loads up the firefox with all your magical settings.

I was thinking it would be rad to save the profile on a flash drive. Then set up all the settings in the FireFox profile to save cookies, downloads, passwords, and all that other stuff on the flash drive. That way the flash drive could be like your "key to the internet." Maybe even make it safer to use other people's computers to check personal accounts. I haven't tested anything on this...just hypothetical right now. If anyone has any input, I'd love to hear it as I do think this is a pretty rad idea.

I think even implementing the use of a flash drive would be cool on your own computer, just in case :-P

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