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Record web actions
Now working with text API capturing. Maybe next will be web recording.
any news?
New beta soon. Without web recorder.
Will 'Record web actions' be included in QM 2.3.5?
I still didn't decide what will be the major new QM 2.3.5 feature. Possibly web recording.
any news?
No news, QM 2.4.0 still will not have a web recorder.
I'm curious, what are the major obstacle[s] to adding web recording?

I'm asking because I did a lot of research into web recorders and I found some open source packages that I think you might be interested in.

I'm lucky since I can do most web related things already thanks to qm's ffnode/accessible objects and your generous help.
No obstacles, just developing other parts of QM.
any news?
Only this with Selenium. I will not work with a QM web recorder in near future.

Selenium web recorder and QM

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