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QM on Linux.
So I got bored and decided to do my first install of Linux ever! In fact I had never sat down at a Linux machine (so far I've used only Windows and Mac based platforms).

I decided to go with Ubuntu. I opted with the Windows installer.
So I downloaded it, ran it, rebooted my machine, and chose to run Ubuntu as my OS. It stepped through setting up Linux (quickly) and loaded my new desktop.

From there I worked on figuring out how to install wine (holy cow, installing things on Linux is quite different)

After I got Wine to install and ran the config...I downloaded QM.

Right clicked on the install file and opened it with wine. It ran through the installer and when I was finished...QM opened right up and works perfectly so far!

Being that I kind of clumsily moved through the whole process, I can't give a step by step. By far figuring out how to install wine was the hardest part.
I've been testing and most everything works. The file tree for functions is a little buggy. Other things I don't think will work at all.

But neat.
can you use triggers under wine?
i get an error while install: Missing function WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionID.

wine on CentOS 5.5.
Mouse triggers worked.

Mouse/Keyboard Detector FF_* did not work.

I didn't get around to testing much else yet.

Probably have more time to test later this week.
Been testing QM on an install of fedora,

Can't get window triggers to work, and for some reason dialogs don't compile properly on exit of QM. Code gets mixed up and on next start must open dialog editor and save and grab the ShowDialog code again.

Still messing with different things and seeing what works. Will check back soon.

Take care

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