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Multiple Excel worksheets: unknown identifier & ExcelSheet
In Options select Run as User. OK. Restart QM. Run the macro again.

If it works:
If you use QM only with Excel, no more action need.
Restore Run as Administrator.
In macros that use Excel, insert this at the very beginning, first line:
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;/exe 1
Then the macro will run in separate process, as User.
unfortunately still not working.
it gives me this message

Error (RT) in AddNewEmployee: 0x8002801D, Library not registered.

I tried to uninstall Excel and install in back.
but, doesn't work yet.
google for
Excel error "library not registered"

It gives many results. One of reasons - installed (or previously installed) multiple Office versions. Maybe need to delete something from registry.
First I would like to thank Gintaras company for their technical support.
herein I am addressing the solution for my problem.
As my company upgraded my OS to Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, I tried to installed office 365 2016 32bit as it is offered by MS.
surprisingly enough, the problem gone.

I think it's kind of compatibility problem.

Thank you Gintaras

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