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Internal Time/Date trigger sistem
I was making some triggers so my macros would execute at specific time, and i realized that setting the time and date of the activation and creating a schedules is done trough windows task manager, rather than QM itself. While it's ok i really don't like windows built in task manager as it is not reliable and it's unpredictable. One day i will run 3 out of 6 macros correctly, some day non of them and so on. Having a built in schedual manager even the most basic one i would rather use, than built in windows task manager.
This defenetely is on my wish list Smile
which version of windows are you using?
I've done a lot of scheduling with XP and several recurring jobs in W7 and never had a problem. are you in a business environment or home?
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The Macro Hook
I'm at home and on win 7 ultm, i7, 16gb ram ect. I had this problem for a long time and ended up completely going to other solutions to do scheduled task's. I tried it 2 days ago (unintentionally as i didn't know QM makes schedual in task manager) and the result was again terrible.. Some functions started, others didn't, and yesterday non didSad whether i create task from QM or directly from task manager. I had to install old automation software i used 3 years ago that has it's one scheduler and use him to schedule execution of QM function's. Now it works like a clock. That's why i think it would be nice addition to QM to have it's independent scheduler. The OS in my experience isn't reliable at all.
when you set up the scheduled task, did you set the 'Run as' and password?
A new blog on QM coding and automation.

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