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Pasting a word in multiple dictionary fields.
I use 6 dictionaries on my wxp desktop to find the meaning of a word.

However, instead of copy - pasting the word and clicking the "find" button of each dictionary (or hitting "Enter") I want to be able to write the word only in one field and have all of them give me the definitions.

As much as I tried, I couldn't even finished the first step.
When I start recording the qm box gets lost after the first step

I made it into a project if anybody wants to help me. ... Id=1882031
I would try accessible object functions. Then possibly don't need to activate windows to paste text.
The dialogs are in the floating toolbar. Capture accessible object for each text field and for each Find button.
To set object text, try "Set value" action. If it does not work, will need to activate window and use paste() function.
To click Find button, try "Do default action" action. If does not work, activate window and use key() function.

Other way - record all, and edit the recorded code to paste text from a variable. Such macro is simpler to create (the above may be difficult for QM beginners, and requires more time to create). But you say "When I start recording the qm box gets lost after the first step". Disappears "QM recording" dialog?
Thanks for the help.

I wish there was a video to walk me through.
Would you be interested in the project?


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