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Some (small) interface related requests / wishes
Please forgive me if this is already implemented or suggested:
  • When I click on a folder (left-side tree view) the folder becomes blue (focused), I would like to if focused on a folder when CTRL+N is pressed the new macro to be placed within the focused folder. The same goes for CTRL+SHIFT+N (function). Although it seems to work for CTRL+SHIFT+N when focused on a function within a folder. (what I mean is, it only seems to work when I focus on a function whitin a folder and then press CTRL+SHIFT+N it then creates a new function within the folder where I focused on the function)

  • Snippet panel, like notepad++ and other text-editors?

  • The status information below shows window coordinates and such, maybe add pixel color and keyboard shortcut to copy the info into clipboard?

  • Dockable interface items, for example be able to dock the favorites panel beneath the tree-view (left-side?)

  • When using "Wait for color" the preview window (the little window where you see which color you are selecting at the top left side) is a bit unclear. For example in the browser in this page above you see the text "Quick Macros Forum" If I target on one of the "O" in precisely in the middle I do not see a cross-hair which exactly shows which pixel I am targeting, I am guessing that the top left corner of the preview window is the targeted color pixel?

  • When using the favorites panel when I click on an item which I dragged into the right side it expands the folder in which the macro resides and focuses on it, but when I switch to another macro using the favorites panel I would like the option to collapse everything else first and than expand the targeted folder. (this way keeps the lift-side tree-view "unclutterd")

  • If I have a folder [my name] and within that folder a sub-folder [functions], the favorites panel will not focus on the functions sub-folder within [MY NAME] but on the [System] > [Functions] sub-folder

  • The search inputbox on the top right searches everything within quickmacros (functions, help, etc..) maybe add an option (button) when pressed it will log you in into the forum and search for the string you have typed in the quick macros input-field .
    This means:
    - QM must have your login details
    - there must be an option to trigger this (an extra button the right side next to the black triangle dropdown icon/button)
    - as an extra option it would be nice that the browser opens in a user defined position and size, for example above/on top of the quick macros screen with an off-set from the top left corner from the QM macros program. (in this way you don't loose you focus totally from the quick macros window and at the same time you have the QM webpage you requested in quick reach)

In any case Quick Macros is one amazing piece of software I am just at it a few months and keep discovering new things in the interface or new things to approach a script and the forum itself seems to have a lot of treasures and info.
Thank you, all it would be useful, I'll think about it.

Color capturing: yes, the pixel is top-left of the preview rectangle.

Selecting wrong folder: currently Bookmarks store only item name. Several folders can have same name, therefore can find other folder, not the bookmarked. Give your folder unique name.

Search Help etc: currently adds 2 items in the menu. Forum and Google. I think it is enough. Don't need to log in to search forum.
Here I have some other changes/enhancements to interface or editor.
I do not know if they are useful, but I'll post them here from time to time.

  • Make 'Run/Play' button ghosted when macro is running.
    I sometimes pressed repeatedly the play button while I forgot that there is a macro still running.
    This led me toe believe there was something wrong with my current macro while in fact there wasn't but the previous macro was still running.

  • Double clicking a word/string/variable/... etc highlights it, it could be handy if all other word/string/variables which are the same are also highlighted

  • always on top notifier
    (the icon on the toolbar on the right of the red record icon, that arrow becomes orange if 'always on top' is activated)

  • switch to previous macro, I found myself often switching back from one macro back to the previously one.
    (keyboard shortcut, double middle click..?)

  • ouputwindow view all characters, for example: spaces.
    This is handy when you do a regex and view the output in the output window and
    immediatly can see if a string has a space at the end or beginning (trailing / leading spaces)

  • select multiple files in treeview and move/delete them
    would also be nice if this could be done with folders
    (CTRL / SHIFT click te select multiple)

  • copy/duplicate one or multiple macros automatically prepends / appends number in new macro if exists
    would also be nice if this could be done with folders
    (CTRL / SHIFT click te select multiple)

  • text files among macro files in tree-view (for coding info etc)
    with basic markup (bold, underline, bulletlist and maybe text color)
    and hyperlinking (to: mac files , on mac parent folder , browser links , folder on pc)

  • tabbed treeview (multiple trees)
    this is handy when you want one project (folder) always to be opened
    and the other you can use to move freely around
Something similar already is in QM:

Double clicking a word/string/variable/...: Double click to select, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+click 'Find text'.

Switch to previous macro: Ctrl+Tab. The Back/Forward buttons probably are rarely used; should be somehow replaced in some next QM version.

Select multiple files in treeview and move/delete them: Shift+drag, then click somewhere and Ctrl+V. But cannot delete. All this QM item management should be somehow different; probably will be changed in some next QM version.
Thank you!
I use the back and forth arrows all the time!
Hope they stay!

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