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Wscript implemented
Currently wscript feature is not integrated so I cant use function like Wscript.Quit etc.

I would like to use Wscript feature added in quickmacros. Thanks. Big Grin
Try function VbsExec2. It supports Wscript object.
I tested it but it only create a VbsExec2.vbs and execute it, after that execution, its just left VbsExec2 in the current folder.

Anyway, to implement a method without a VbsExec2.vbs or temp file? :?:
Maybe possible, but too much work.
I reviewed VbsExec2 and found it is too unreliable. Created many years ago. Next QM will have function WshExec. It also uses a temporary file, but deletes it after executing, etc.

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