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Main.qml bad file format ?
Hello !

I had a bad surprise when trying to open Quick Macros...

When i try to lanch it, a window pops up saying :

"Bad file format :
C:\.....Documents\My QM\Main.qml

If you have received this file as an email attachment, ask the sender to resend it compressend to a zip file. "

Thinking the file could have been corrupted, I tried to launch QM with all the backups he did in the " Backup " Folder. But no one worked :/

Please do not tell me that all my work has been corrupted -______-
Please email the file to Or PM me as attachment.
Also need your Quick Macros version.
Hello thanks for quick reply

I'm actually sending it to you in PM and by mail ( My mail is remy.n**** )

I was using the version

I downloaded the new one, to see if the new version could have fixed this, but not :x

Thanks in advance !
The file is erased. All bytes 0. If you have a possibly corrupted but not erased file, I can try to fix what is possible.
When QM is opening a file, it does not write, just read it. Something else erased the files. Maybe a virus.
Shiiiit -_-

Sending you all the Backups, i'm crossing my fingers -_-
All your files are erased.

Thank you anyway ;-)
You can try software that shows and restores deleted (but not erased) files. Some chances are to find and restore an older deleted backup file.
Will try this out, thanks Wink

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