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QM not responding
After changing something in Main (QM editor), systems immmediatly freezes (Quick Macros - Not responding) when the main menu is run through the trigger or closing the editor by using the closing button (cross right upper corner).

Backgound infomration.
QM was running fine untill my I could not access my personal networkdrives on the companies server. ICT then restored a profile which appeared to be a two month old profile.

Thanks a lot for helping me out!
Forgot to mention that ICT originally had to install QM on my machine, because I had no administrator rights then. I have been given enough rights to install QM myself at this moment.
I did an uninstall, rebooted, logged in to my companies network before installing the latest QM version, but the problem continued to manifest itself, freezing of the whole windows responsivity for 35 scnds, evoked by closing the QM editor ( or trying to run main.qml) after editing main.qml.

I also found the tip about the disabling of low level hooks which I did, but to no avail.

Thanks for helping me out!

It seems that it happens when QM is auto-saving current file.

Is the file on a network computer? Maybe the location is unavailable or slow. Try to use a local file. To see current file path: menu -> File -> Recent -> the first item.

Or maybe your $my qm$ folder is on network drive. QM saves backup files there. Look in Options -> Files. Use a local folder.

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