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QM Weather App
This little App started out as an update for itsjustmatt's "Current temperature" macro.Once that was fixed i expanded on it.
Now this app gets "Temperature,Feels like,Current conditions,wind,humidity,visibility,pressure,UV-index,and more.
Works not only with all USA cities but also other cities around the world(see help for details).
Auto updates every 20 minutes.
For USA cities and UK cities gives 6 hour forecast
For USA cities receives also special weather statements and provides an announcement and a link to view the statement.
7 day forecast
moon data and more

.qml   QM Weather App.qml (Size: 101 KB / Downloads: 527)
Quick Macros Version or higher
Windows Vista or Higher

Wow, thanks for sharing this very useful app. It looks very pro and well designed. Congratulations!
Sweet little app.

On my pc need to remove EX_WS_TRANSPARENT to show Dialog correctly especially while and/or after moving.
Anyway its nice.

Best regards.
thank you fixed in ver 3.0.1.
also added fix for xp where the images didn't render correctly for xp. Now uses GDI+ to load images for xp.
GDI+ is included in new version.
cannot test on vista so not sure how it works.If any1 has vista and can test the file please do and let me know how it works thanks.
On vista, works like a charm.
thank you
Awesome job Kevin!
Matt B
Thanks for the share mate and congrats on the app!
It has an amazing look!
thanks guys, new version coming soon.finally have time to work on it! Has anyone tested with windows 8?
hopefully will be done in the next day or 2
here is a pic of a one of the new features added
weather app updated to version 3.0.2
see first post for download

new features
  • 7 day forecast
    daily forecast
    built in look up for cities outside of the USA
    link to website
    and link to interactive radar
    two sets of images and ability to switch between them
    some bug fixes as well as coding changes for faster more accurate data

new file uploaded
new images will be automatically downloaded and installed when you first run WEATHER_APP_Main
version 3.0.1 images wont show once you open this new file
working on a new version of this app.This version has a lot more graphics and will work only in windows versions vista and up.Below is a preview
sorry everyone i have been busy with work and school.If people are still interested i will try and finish this and upload here.please let me know
New version has been uploaded.
See 1st post to download
Program completely redone
Many features added
Hope y'all enjoy
minor bug fixes
automatically checks for updates to program and images
file uploaded see first post of this topic for download
fixed a couple of very minor UI bugs
minor coding changes for better error handling
Kevin, do you still have the old version that works for windows xp? I need one for an old pc of mine.

Thank you.
i will have to look.I am on vacation.I will check when i return home.
Kevin Wrote:i will have to look.I am on vacation.I will check when i return home.

Thank you, hopefully, it still available.
Hello, kevin

Can you write an updated code for this program?

For example, the following steps:

1. Double-click the software(.exe) icon on the desktop to open the software and search for the software version field (the picture below)of the current forum page.

2. If the version number changes, prompt the user to update

3. When the user clicks the update button, the download progress bar will appear. After downloading, a pop-up window will prompt the user to update the software and Reopen the software.

I want to learn the relevant function code through the above step code, thank you very much.

Some features of the code, because I know very little, so I can't write, for example, search for version fields, etc. I hope you can provide an example, which is very helpful for beginners, or there are better Method for update ?

Attached Files Image(s)
Getting close to releasing a new version of QM Weather App
added a few  new features and have adjusted the data to a more updated source as the old source has stopped updating as frequently as it use to.
This program I downloaded the test can not be used normally, because in China can not use the google service, in addition to Google Translate   Sad

Can't I use Microsoft weather information in the program?   Idea
weather app doesn't use google it uses data from The weather channel

see if you can open this site
Can be opened, but very slow and slow
That's  fine I don't pull data directly  from that page just wanted  to see if the domain  was blocked or not.
After opening the software, there will be a prompt below

I want to know how much time did you use to write this program?   Smile

Attached Files Image(s)
And yes that  page is slow to many adds. Add blocker  helps  a lot

Oh yeah i forgot  i store the images  on Google  drive will have to add maybe to onedrive instead that version won't work for you. Will have to wait for new version sorry.

Is one drive accessible  in china?
I just tested onedrive and didn't open it.

I mainly use Baidu Cloud, it is free

This network disk can also be opened.

Why not compile to exe

Package image and exe together ?
sorry will have to find another source storing on a chinese cloud server is not optimal for me and the other removes files after 30 days
can you open this site?

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