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Working on some stuff to automagically play movies when disk is inserted...

My function "PlayDVD" does a few things
1. Launches VideoLan VLC media player command line to the root menu of the disk
2. Turns on the projector via RS232 communication using
3. Dims the lights using RS232 to a Parallax Propeller microcontroller wired up to logic controlled dimmer switches.

Using Default Programs Editor to generate a registry file, I was able to add the above QM function to the AutoPlay options. Then I just went into AutoPlay settings in control panel and selected the new item.

Below is the registry file created by Default Programs Editor.exe (This could be converted to a QM script or just saved as a .reg file and ran by QM...or just run the .reg file to merge:
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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Set Chosen Autoplay Handler

; Add Autoplay Handler
@="\"c:\\program files (x86)\\quick macros 2\\qmcl.exe\" M \"PlayDVD\""

; Add Autoplay Handler Option

Thought I'd share ;-)

P.S. I'll post the VLC command line and my QM RS232 script later!

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