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Some (small) interface related requests / wishes
There are some other things that you might want to add or change.
You have a lot an your plate considering QM so I have divided it in "if possible" and "to consider"

if possible:
  1. detach the "favorites" section or have it displayed like the "Open items" / "Running Items" (or beneath the macro tree list?)
  2. the "open items" (on the top right-side) inserts everything that I clicked on, is it possible to have it only add items when I shift+click on a macro/function (or other key-combo).
  3. Middle mouse button left/right click detections.
    The middle mouse button on many mouses can pushed to the left or right, but I could not find a trigger for it in the properties window.
    (Or Maybe I missed it, or it is technically not possible)
  4. Optionally: Always expand 1 tree item, so if I move to an entirely different main folder, it collapses the previous folder.
  5. move macro,function,class... from tree to a folder in favorites: If a user moves a macro from the tree to
    the favorites he/she can hover and release it over a folder and QM moves it to that folder.
  6. Url and filepath detection in scripts: If a word in the code starts with www , http:// or C:\ QM underlines it and the user can click on it
  7. Optionally: output window shows the actual variable name in the "gutter" (left side of output window).
    This may get complex or unclear if to many variables are in one line.
    As an added possibility: hover on the left-side (gutter) where one variable-name is displayed an a tooltip balloon shows other variables?
  8. Attach document to macros (for example: word documents which has the advantages of having rich text and images / or just images etc...)
  9. [ Middle mouse click ] + [ drag], so you can drag an item from the tree-list to the left or right pane.
    I constantly get confused by which macro opens in the left or right side when I initialize the dual pane view mode.
  10. comment markup:
    - links to specified lines: a sort of markup add-on for comments so that words in the comments get underlined and click-able and navigate to the desired line
    - Or highlight line in code when a specific comment-line is clicked: If a user clicks on a line in the comment it highlights
    a desired line within the actual code, this makes it easier to associate the comment to an exact line in the code.
    (only possible when the code is in the same page as the comment).
  11. Multiple trees (tabbed) each tree can be user defined so the user decides what the other tabbed trees shows
  12. shift double click AND edit all: When a user double clicks on a word it gets selected. By SHIFT + Double clicking
    all the same words within the document gets selected, when the user enters text the selected words will be changed into what the user typed.
    So if the double clicks on the word "test" all the words "test" get's selected, by typing "abc" all the words "test" gets changed to "abc"
  13. Also backup settings with the auto-backup feature (or maybe this is already implemented?)

to consider:
  1. custom right-click, maybe give the user the possibility to add his/her own functions in the "right" click menu?
    (because the user can already this by his/her self it maybe is not important)
  2. multiple instances of qm, this is potentially impossible due to resources locked and such.
    Or could take to much time to implement
  3. Window-Information: Drag a "crosshair-cursur" from main QM status-window to another window. With "paste in code" option. It is available in toolbar menu but maybe
    only the drag/drop crosshair could be in the statusbar? So that the user can directly drag from QM main window to the desired window.
  4. Snippet manager with token options (if token detected in snippet a popup will appear where you enter value for token)
  5. macro load indicator (memory & processor load?)
  6. Rectangle, elipse and arrow functions. Something like OnScreenDisplay, but now it shows a non-filled rectangle/elipse or Arrow.
  7. (this is a luxury option): Add buttons in the following style:

edit: typing errors
Thank you. I split this topis to find easier when time will come.
One thing that I really always kind of wanted was a line number being executed in the Running items -> Threads

Sometimes a function hangs up and I haven't written error messages. It would be nice to know what the last executed line of a function while troubleshooting.

Very interesting requests.

It would be very helpful any way to organize the QM Help. To group the favorites, add separators, folders...

Another helpful way to code would be some kind of Intellisense. Maybe an autocomplete and show additional info and options as a tooltip.

Well, just a Christmas wish xD. Anyway QM is very well coded and a wonderful tool in my everyday work. Thanks for that.
I just wanted to add something small that I'd appreciate.

I have a lot of nested folders for creating my macros, I almost always want to create new macros and folders within these existing folders, however usually when I create a new folder or macro it creates it at the top of my list. Ideally I'd love it to create within the folder I have selected. I have noticed it does do this sometimes, but the behavior is not consistent.
good idea...
I have noticed the only way to create a new folder,macro,function,..ect inside an existing folder you must have a macro,function,folder..ect already inside the folder and then you must select any item inside that folder before creating a new item if you want it to be created inside the existing folder.Being able to select the folder and then create a new item and have it be created inside the selected folder would be nice addition.
I think what should happen is, when you create a folder it is empty, then you activate the folder in the list and create a new function it QM creates the function inside the active folder.

I do not like the idea of automatically creating a function or a macro inside a newly created folder because often I use folders to clean up a project at the end, so I see myself being frustrated by having to always delete a function or macro.

Perhaps two new options, New Folder with Macro and New Folder with Function. But then you end up with the problem where you have to name both and are clicking around a lot. So I don't think it would be too hard to do a new function and drag and drop.

Really, I'm leaning towards a new funciton or macro being created inside a folder that is active in the tree.

Just my 2 cents...Jim
QM does not create new item in the selected folder.
If you use the File menu or toolbar button, creates at the top.
If you use the right click menu, creates where clicked.
In some special cases creates above or below the current item.
I tried to add option to create new item by the currently selected item (when using menubar or toolbar), but don't like it. For example, I'm often somewhere in System folder, and the New Macro button then creates macro there... I also don't like creating new item in the selected folder. Better create in a safe place, and then drag-drop where want. Or right click and create there.
Yes, it is only a problem when the folder is empty and you want to create a new function inside the folder. If there are already functions in the folder, the new function is created inside the folder.

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